My Reason for Blogging

One of my biggest beliefs in life is that if you look hard enough there is usually clarity in organized chaos. When I look back on my life, I can see all of the problems I have had lead to this moment in time. As a history major, I realize the importance of putting things... Continue Reading →

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On Finishing Undergrad

Yesterday I handed in my completed and administration approved graduation application to the registrar office. I cannot adequately put into words the amount of pride and relief I feel at this moment. My undergraduate career was an extremely difficult and trying time in my life. I dealt with many roadblocks, and stops and starts with... Continue Reading →

Being Anonymous

The amount that I think about being bipolar has remarkably decreased over time. It is not my first thought in the morning and I don't ruminate over it before bed. The only reminder I get throughout the day is when I take my medication. It is weird to think that something that preoccupied your mind... Continue Reading →

One Year: Thank You

I just received a notification today that it has been one year since I created this account. The past year has been a transformative experience. Doctors and therapists told me that the first year, after your initial diagnosis, is rough. The medication changes and the group therapy are a lot to process. I am happy... Continue Reading →

I Had a Dip

My old friend was back to visit. Over the past few days I experienced depression. It was difficult for me to concentrate on my school work, I felt pessimistic about the future, and I felt physically heavy. I also probably failed a quiz in my seminar. Despite of the dip in my mood, the past... Continue Reading →

To My Mom

She smiled at me, "I brought you a coconut iced coffee. I told them it was decaf. Its not." My eyes lit up. Well as much as they could in my depressed state. I was currently in the middle of my first hospitalization. We were sitting at one of the tables in the dining area... Continue Reading →

Picking Up Where I Left Off

Did you know that I was an ESL tutor at one point? Sometimes I surprise myself when I start to remember all of the different experiences I have had as a 23 year old. When I was a sophomore at my first college, I was involved in ESL (English as a Second Language) tutoring in... Continue Reading →

To Joe

“Maybe you do belong in school,” Joe looked at me with intention. He was the first person in my early recovery to suggest that I go back to school. It was late fall and I was thinking about going back to school for the spring semester. My family, friends, and treatment team were hesitant because... Continue Reading →

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