My Reason for Blogging

One of my biggest beliefs in life is that if you look hard enough there is usually clarity in organized chaos. When I look back on my life, I can see all of the problems I have had lead to this moment in time. As a history major, I realize the importance of putting things... Continue Reading →

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Being Viewed as an Equal

Sometimes I get frustrated when I have conversations about my progress. Surprisingly, it can be frustrating when someone says, "You are doing so well" or "You have made a lot of progress." At first these sound like encouraging and supportive statements. However these statements can easily fall into condensation. Instead of being supportive statements, they... Continue Reading →

Mental Illness and Love

One of the fears of being mentally ill is that not only will you be rejected for your illness but that you are also unlovable. You fear that your "ugly parts" will show and that someone will turn and run. This fear is heightened when you first receive a diagnosis or enter into a new... Continue Reading →

Medication Side Effects: A Necessary Evil

Let me start by saying that psychiatric medication is a beautiful and necessary thing. It allows me and many others to carry on with our lives and lead a "normal" existence. Medication compliance is important and should be taken seriously. Without medication I don't want to think about where I would be today. Now having... Continue Reading →

What is the Face of Bipolar?

I often think about these questions: What does bipolar look like to the outside world? How do we think about bipolar and how does society think about bipolar? Yesterday I went on a road trip with one of my friends to the beach. I took the plunge and opened up to her about having bipolar.... Continue Reading →

Revisiting Places With Lingering Memories

One of the scariest moments of my life has been revisiting places where I was manic or depressed. However it's through conquering your fears and memories that you can move forward and work through the pain. Going back to both colleges I have attended after an episode is not something to be taken lightly. The... Continue Reading →

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